Sara Blaustein
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Sara Blaustein

Rachel Schwartz, a friend from Efrat, writes about Sara:

Sara Blaustein, a true eishet chayil. There are so many ways to describe her. To me, she was a dear neighbor and a wonderful friend. A friend that doesn’t come often in a lifetime. To her children Adena Mark 30, Sammy Berg 27, Yoni Berg 24 and Atara Blaustein 13, she was the most wonderful mother. To Norman, her husband of 17 years, she was the woman of his dreams. To her sister Tema and brother David, she was a special friend. The list goes on and on. Sara was a daughter, mother-in-law, aunt and friend to so many people.

Sara came to Israel and immediately became involved with every project that she could, whether it was learning in the women’s Beit Midrash every Thurday morning, a shiur every Monday night, going to Kever Rachel every Tuesday, traveling often to Chevron or learning Hebrew in an Ulpan. The way she made friends in the neighborhood belied the short nine months that she was in Efrat. Sara touched so many people.

The morning that she was so brutally murdered, she had been at Kever Rachel. She returned home to Efrat to pick up her husband and her son to go to the Kotel. About one mile out of Efrat, a car with Arabs that were dressed as Jews passed her car and shot into it, murdering both Sara and Esther Alvan, a 19-year-old girl from Efrat that had gotten a ride with Sara. There were 12 bullet holes found in the car.

Sara’s life was one of chesed and tzedakah. She lived her dream of moving to Israel. Sara and Norman would often be heard saying that they had found paradise in Efrat in the land of Israel. Our prayer is that Sara’s murder will not be in vain; that there will be a purpose to her short life here in Israel. Her dream was that all Jews should return to Israel and lead a Torah Life. Plans are already underway to build a Beit Midrash in Sara’s memory in a newly developing section of Efrat.

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