Beit Sara will be a Jewish response to Arab terror and hatred!
Help us establish Beit Sara

Ateret Cohanim calls on all Jews around the world to come forward and support this project. We cannot do it alone. Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish world, and this holy and unique city needs the Jewish world to stand firmly behind the building and securing of a united Jerusalem. This requires massive backing, ongoing commitment, and immediate financial support.

Help us reestablish a vibrant, flourishing Jewish community near the Kotel. Beit Sara will stand as a powerful symbol of the Jewish commitment, resilience and strength.

Ateret Cohanim calls on Jewish communities, organizations, youth movements, synagogues, and individuals to rally behind the cause of ‘Our Jerusalem’, publicize this worldwide Jerusalem project, and help respond to Arab terror, by building Jerusalem and establishing Beit Sara.

Donations can be forwarded to the following offices:

Ateret Cohanim
P.O.B 2288
Jerusalem 91022

Phone: (02) 624-3337
Fax: (02) 624-3350


Jerusalem Reclamation Project
3 West 16th Street, Manhattan
New York, NY 10011

Phone: (212) 924-4755
Fax: (212) 924-4809


Cheques made payable to ‘Beit Sara Fund’.


Beit Sara

In Jerusalem, overlooking the Kotel and the Temple Mount, a building will be purchased with the financial support of the Jewish world, and Jewish life will be rekindled in yet another part of the Old City. It will be dedicated to the memory of Sara by Ateret Cohanim, and will be called “BEIT SARA”.

Sara Blaustein, who fulfilled a lifelong dream and made aliya less than a year ago, symbolized every valued ideal of the Jewish people. Rabbi Kenneth Hain, of the Beit Shalom Synagogue – Sara’s former congregation in Lawrence – said that the community was in shock after hearing the news of Sara’s murder. “Sara was a Jewish role model…a remarkable student of Torah and Judaism…and was always volunteering for causes on behalf of Israel…Sara was the closest thing that I have seen to the original Zionist pioneers…she didn’t just believe in the Zionist dream, she lived it!”

Before making aliya and while living in New York, Sara was the motivating force and Director of the New York office of Ateret Cohanim (Jerusalem Reclamation Project). For 5 years she tirelessly ran the office and did what was humanly possible to raise awareness and financial support for greater Jewish presence in and around the Old City. Sara was far more than a Zionist living in New York – she was a practical builder of Jerusalem, and a true active supporter of Jewish causes.

Sara and Norman Blaustein, together with their 13-year-old daughter Atara, made aliya and settled in Efrat, where her brother David Unterberg and his family were already living. In this short period of time, Sara had totally integrated into Israeli society, and especially the community life of Efrat. Together with Rachel Schwartz, one of her neighbors, Sara visited Kever Rachel (Rachel’s Tomb) in Beit Lechem every Tuesday, and this in spite of the tension and conflicts in the area. Sara felt the need and understooed the importance of a constant Jewish presence at Kever Rachel, and so Sara acted.

As a response to Sara’s brutal murder and the ongoing Palestinian terror, Ateret Cohanim has decided to dedicate its next redeemed building in the memory of Sara. This building that will be purchased by Ateret Cohanim, with the financial help of Jews from around the world, will be a real response to Arab hatred and terror. Beit Sara will stand as a symbol of Jewish persistence and fortitude. Sara believed deeply that the Jewish people have a G-d given right to live in peace anywhere in Israel, and that it is vital that we continue to redeem the Land. Beit Sara, a redeemed building overlooking the Kotel and the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, will send a powerful message to world Jewry, and will be one of her legacies.

Ateret Cohanim, the only organization that for more than 20 years has been strengthening Jewish roots in and around the Old City, has slowly succeeded in returning a modest but vibrant Jewish life to the Old Jewish Yishuv – Kotel Quarter, known today as the Moslem and Christian quarters. Beit Sara will be another sign of renewed Jewish life in the Old City. Sara Blaustein’s death will not be in vain. Sara may not have reached the Kotel, because of Arab terrorism, but Beit Sara will stand as a symbol of the materialization of the Zionist dream. Sara will ultimately be at the Kotel.