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The following song was one of Hagai's favorites.
It was read by his sister Yael at his funeral.


Ginger Top
Lyrics: Dan Almagor
Melody: Meir Noy

When I was born,
just like any child
Mother was so delighted
since the days of King David
There have been ginger-tops
 in the family.
When it was time to go to school,
The teacher had a system –
No matter who disturbed the class
“Ginger-top OUT!”
My heart was boiling with rage
Since this aging teacher,
Although presently bald,
Once he was …. a ginger-top.
Had, in the past….a ginger-top.

Because RED is character
Because RED is nature
On red’s head the color is burning
Ginger-top, ginger-top.
 In the army I picked up speed
The sergeant always used to call:
‘I need someone to volunteer,
RED step forward!’
If everybody got to go home –
‘RED, you are staying on duty!’
Then and there I made my mind up
To teach this fighter a little lesson.
I immediately completed
an Officers’ Course
They found out soon enough
What is the real meaning of ‘Red”
I returned to the same base
Don’t envy the miserable soul ….

Because RED is character...

Every fighting soldier then knew
There is non like Red in fighting
Why not create a whole company
Of Reds only, no favors asked!
All the Reds – gather together!
We should all become united!
And form a smashing group
The world’s greatest daredevils!
Having to face the carrot-tops
Will fill even Nasser with alarm,
A company of carrot-tops
He should not venture to confront.

Because RED is character...