The hand like a stone warmed in the sun
rough, strong like the face of a rock
the trunk of a tree, feet in the ground
strong roots that stand up to the strongest of storms
and warmth, warmth like the rays of the sun
a smile that begins at the corner of the mouth
what strength flows from him
how strong he was.

− Yaacov Brody
(a friend from the officer training course)


Hagai, you were always a child “for real”, for the truth; life was never as if; life was “for real”; one must be a friend “for real”; contribute “for real”; fight “for real”, and give of oneself “for real”, really sacrificing it all.

− Assaf


Did you know the Hagai who was:

The red head with freckles who never stopped smiling,
or the prankster of the elementary school,
or the organizer of every activity that needed organizing.,
or the counselor of the sixth grade boys in Bnei Akiva,
or the loved brother of Aynat, Nadav, Amichai , Yael and Gitit,
or the young man who changed his way of thinking and started to learn seriously,
or the young man who demanded to study in Atzmona before entering the army,
    and studied for a year and a half in Atzmona but wanted more,
or the serious and outstanding soldier who demanded of himself,
    but never stopped smiling,
or the loved and respected commander whose soldiers looked upon him as a father,
or the neighborhood boy who had a good word for all the boys on the block and a
    piece of advice about their future too,
or Nurit’s husband of a year,
or the officer who wanted to give just 2 more years to the army,
     because he felt he had the ability and strengths to give.